Self-Worth and Empoerment Camp

Marie’s long term goal is to run self-worth and empowerment camps for girls aged between 11 and 16years old. These camps/courses will focus on self-respect, self-empowerment, and self-worth. The aspiration of these camps is to empower young girls so that they are able to fulfil their life dreams with confidence. These courses will also equip young women with the skills to identify signs of manipulation, black mailing and mental and physical abuse to keep our young women safe from abusive relationships. Girls attending will be able to bring their own horses or use one of Marie’s four legged friends.  Why horses? You don’t know team work till your team mate is a 400kg beast’. Marie has a lot of respect for horses as they have powerful qualities which they freely share with humans. “The world looks different from horseback; it’s a magical world full of respect, wonder, empowerment and trust” – Marie Palzer – 2016


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