Self-Worth and Empoerment Camp

Marie’s long term goal is to run self-worth and empowerment camps for girls aged between 11 and 16years old. These camps/courses will focus on self-respect, self-empowerment, and self-worth. The aspiration of these camps is to empower young girls so that they are able to fulfil their life dreams with confidence. These courses will also equip young women with the skills to identify signs of manipulation, black mailing and mental and physical abuse to keep our young women safe from abusive relationships. Girls attending will be able to bring their own horses or use one of Marie’s four legged friends.  Why horses? You don’t know team work till your team mate is a 400kg beast’. Marie has a lot of respect for horses as they have powerful qualities which they freely share with humans. “The world looks different from horseback; it’s a magical world full of respect, wonder, empowerment and trust” – Marie Palzer – 2016


A few articles from Hoofing Around for Changes’s first adventure!!

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102 Days – South Island Mission

Thank you to my sponsors who made it possible for me to ride 1,500km over 102 days as I explored the beautiful South Island of New Zealand.

Tasman Canvas – Thank you for the most amazing three piece saddle bag set up!!!

Back Country foods – These dehydrated meals kept me going through the roughest of times! Your team is seriously amazing, they sent out packages for me to pick up along the way so it was easy for me to restock food – what good sorts!!

Richmond Saddlery – These guys were so awesome, giving me discounts for a huge amount of gear and supplied me with minerals for my horse along the way. They also provided me with my emergency and first aid gear for my horse which I carried with me. Thanks Clinton for sending out a few bits and pieces for me along the way which I desperately needed. I really appreciate your going out of your way for me to be able to turn a dream into reality.

The Mongol Derby the worlds Longest and Toughest Horse Race.

Mongol Derby 2017 Rider Invitation

Thanks for your patience after the delay getting the registration gubbins set up for next year’s race. We’re very pleased to confirm that you’ve been offered a spot on the 2017 edition of the world’s longest and toughest horse race. Congratulations, you must be made of stern stuff.

After having fallen into a bit of a low spot in my life (the low after a massive high from my previous epic long distance ride. Check out the past  Adventure tab for more info) I decided I needed to make a big change in my life. I needed somthing to re-empower myself. So I decided what better way of doing this than entering the worlds longest and toughest horse race, I didn’t really think all that much of it as I had very little hope that I would be accepted. But after filling out an applications and a phone interview it didn’t take to long before I was sent my Rider Invitation. As I read my invitation my body started to fill with immense fear and adrenaline, I was shaking and my knees started to feel weak. I then played this video which was attached to the invitation, my heart started to race and I new that I was going to do what ever it took to get me to that start line, I just want to have a shot at it, I don’t mind if I don’t win I just want to try my absolute best get myself across that finish line. Do I have what it takes?

A Women her Spirit and a Dream

I am Marie Palzer and run Hoofing Around for Change, a movement advocating equality and empowerment.

Imagine if we all took our talents and applied them to a cause, something to make this world a better place. If we did something not for the glory and fame, not for the likes on social media, but to help others.

I think it’s so wonderful to take what you love and turn it into a gift that makes the world a better place.

“Marie, only 22 years old, is full of compassion and holds a childlike wonder about the world and her surroundings. It was a joy to meet her,  and in doing so it made me ask questions about myself. These are the individuals we need to surround ourselves with, the ones that make us want to become better people. What can each of us do in our own corner of the world to raise not just ourselves up, but others in the process?” – Sheri, 2016.